Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's Tuesday And Needs To Be Friday

It is always hard to get back into the swing of things when you have an enjoyable weekend. Friday afternoon I spent time visiting Amy at the hospital and oh my is Aden too precious for words! Holding him made me so anxious for my little boy to be here. Saturday morning we started the garage sale at 7 AM and we actually had people outside the house waiting at 6:30 AM, people are nuts! My parents brought some stuff over to sell so we sat outside chatting and selling our junk, it was actually pretty enjoyable. After the garage sale we went and had a late lunch with my parents before they headed home and then Joe and I did some shopping. We were worthless once we got home! Sunday we did some cleaning around the house and Barb and Mike came over for dinner. Barb brought us some adorable little outfits for Devin; he will be so cute in them! Joe made a super yummy dinner and after we were done eating we all laid in the living room trying to stay awake. This weekend is our first baby shower and we are so excited! Stacy and my Aunt DeAnn are throwing a family shower for us and I am really looking forward to having everyone together! I almost forget the best news of all! My dad is coming home from Louisiana for good and it could be as soon as this weekend! I have been really concerned that my dad wasn't going to be in town when Devin was born and now he will be! I would be so upset if one of our parents wasn't here for the birth of the first grandchild.
Well, I think that is it for today...hope you all have a great remainder of the day!

Look how precious Aden is!

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Jennifer said...

Oh Jess! Aden looks like an angel! Babies are so wonderful!

I know you must be VERY excited about your little sweetie arriving soon! :)