Monday, June 26, 2006

Is It Already Over...?

Another weekend came and went way too fast! We ended up having a pretty great weekend; except I didn't get to go to bed Friday or Saturday night AT ALL...not until 5:30 AM the next mornings...
Friday my cousin and her boyfriend came over for a while to visit. Stacy is closing on her very first home this week! Good luck Stacy! Saturday we went to see my Aunt and her husband's new home and it is beautiful! Congrats! Sunday afternoon we went to a friend's house for their son's 1st birthday and he was SO excited about all of his new toys! (I think the adults enjoyed his toys as much as he did!)
I have my post partum doctor visit scheduled for this Wed. and this is the appointment to see if I can be permanently taken off of the blood pressure say a prayer for me!
OH!!! I forgot the most exciting news of all!!! On Saturday night Devin laughed for the first time! It was SO sweet! We had him lying on his play mat and he was looking up at this little star that lights up and plays music and he let out a little giggle and then kept doing it over and over. He is turning into his own little person with his own little personality and it is just the most amazing thing ever to watch! sounds like Devin has fallen asleep so maybe I can get an hour or two in now...
Catch ya later!

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