Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Times!

I don't remember whose blog I was stalking the other day but I remember seeing their oh so neat personalized blog button. I know that most of the blogs that have these have actual readers but I wanted one!!!! (Maybe my blog buddies will flatter me and put it on their blogs...wink wink) So...I came across the Home Spun Thread blog and she makes them!!!! I immediately emailed her and she got right on it! I a SUPER thrilled with how cute it is and I may just have her make me a header here in the near future. Go and check her out!


HomeSpun Threads said...

AWE! Thank you! I'm glad you really liked it. I hope others post it too!

Brittany said...

Cool! I am so blogging illiterate, that even though I can copy this on your page, I don't know how to paste it on mine to make it come up on the side of mine! I seriously need a blog tutorial!