Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Monkeys!!!

Today I took just a few pictures of my adorable boys and thought I would share/brag. I also discovered the video option on our camera and took some footage of Corbin when he had the hiccups after bath time. (I think that everything he does is cute!)
Does he look like his big brother or what?!?!?

He LOVES his mobile!

This is the first smile I was able to catch on camera!

Here is Devin while he was watching Kung Fu Panda in his play room before bed.
He LOVES that movie!!!!!

Enjoy the video!


Brittany said...

How cute!!!! He seems a lot more active, like an older baby!

HD said...

They do look so much alike!!!! So sweet:)

Liz said...


heartsfilled said...

Your boys are just too adorable! Devin was just a little bigger than Corbin the last time I saw him...he's huge :) Thanks for the prayers for our little family...we're doing much better now, good to see pics of your family!