Sunday, January 04, 2009

Custom Made By Denise

I wanted to share with you all the Grand Opening of my mom's Etsy site! I have been trying to get my mom to sell her stuff online for years and she finally let me set her up on Etsy. She has had her own website for a few years but isn't an ecommerce site. So....if you happen to be getting married or know of someone who is check her out! You can access here Etsy site here and her website here. I have also posted a couple pics of items on her Etsy site to entice you to visit. ; )

Don't forget to enter in the giveaway that ends on January 12th.


Brittany said...

Love those sashes! I wish I would have seen those 6 years ago when I got married!

Brittany said...

Ok, I just read on Jannifer's page that you have never been to Canton?!?!? I seriously cannot believe that and we must go sometime! We can make a whole family event out of it! Maybe the only way I could get Jeremy to go is if Joe went too!

Christine said...

I see the creative apple didn't fall far from the tree! Hope you had a wonderful Christams...I LOVE the picture of your two sweet children at the top of your page...very cute!

Betsy said...

Great stuff. Hopefully she will get some great business.

Miss Anne said...

oh mygoodness! i love her pillows!

i'm getting married in march and will have to check out her site!