Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Why Mother's Day Is Celebrated

Preface: I am a mother that has a checklist of things to do and things to gather up when we are leaving the house with the boys Example: make bottle and pack into bottle bag with ice packs, make Devin a sippy cup of juice and grab goldfish or raisins for a snack, make sure Devin goes potty and Corbin's diaper is changed, get Corbin's diaper bag, burp cloth, pacifier, blanket, a few toys, etc. You get the picture.

This is how the story goes when I slack off and let Daddy help...

Last night when Joe got home from work he said "Let's go out for dinner" and I said "Sure, let me put on a nicer shirt and you go ahead and get Corbin up from his nap and get his diaper bag out of his room". I put on a shirt, made a bottle for Corbin to drink and sat it on the kitchen table with his pacifier, burp cloth and blanket. Joe came in the kitchen with Corbin and the diaper bag and sat it on the table next to the bottle.... I got Devin's shoes on and said to Joe "I am taking Devin to the car and I have the keys...can you bring Corbin and his stuff to the car?" So we are about to turn into the restaurant and Joe looks at me and asks ME if I got Corbin's bottle... (didn't I ask him to do that as I was walking out the door with Devin) I look in the backseat and immediately ask him "Where is the diaper bag?"...... HE FORGOT ALL OF CORBIN'S THINGS........ Needless to say we drove all the way back home to get Corbin's stuff and then drove BACK to the restaurant.

Joe is a wonderful, amazing, spectacular father...but some things only a mommy remembers.

The camera happened to be on the side table when I ran in the house for Corbin's things and I had to take a picture... When I got back in the car holding the camera I said to Joe "Ya know this is goin on the blog right?" I might have had a slight smirk on my face when I said it. ; )

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jannifergrier said...

I will second this. Sometimes they have no idea how much stuff we have to keep up with and remember just to grab a quick dinner out!!!

Brittany said...

Well, I am the mommy who goes ALL the way to San Antonio with no baby socks, no lovie, no sleep blanket, no bowls for cereal AND no baby shampoo or soap! Mommy of the year over here!

HD said...

My hubby always says that is why I'm the mom and he's the dad, and good thing I stay home with the kiddos too and not him!

Christine said...

Oh so true this is!

Hugs to you and have a wonderful Mothers day!