Thursday, July 09, 2009

Flashback Friday

I guess I'm keeping with the weddings for Fridays and it is even more appropriate because this couple's 1st anniversary is this Sunday.... My cousin, Stacy, was married last year on July 12th. I can''t believe it has already been a year! Stacy is like a sister that was born to another mother, her mother is my mom's twin.

Happy First Wedding Anniversary to Stacy & Derek

Stacy was absolutely beautiful! Derek is a lucky guy! ; )

Devin didn't exactly do his job...we were getting him off his paci that week and he decided to CHUNK lightly toss the ring pillow into the audience and then go screaming "MOMMY NOOOO" down the aisle...ooopppps! What's a wedding without some drama. ; )

Me & Joe, I was SO pregnant!
(I really like my hair color here ... hmmm ... have to talk to my hair gal tomorrow)

Me & My Sister, Jennifer

My Brother Brady, BIL Christopher & Jenn (Isn't Jenn gorgeous!!!!!!)

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the undomesticated wife said...

Those bridesmaids dresses are to die for!!