Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend in Review

We. Are. Exhausted.

We love holidays and we love spending time with family but they are a ton of work for us! My SIL, Gina, is home after 4 long years in the Navy, stationed in Washington. (that is a LONG way from Texas) Gina has only met Devin a handle full of times and she has only seen pictures of Corbin. So Friday we were so happy to have Gina over for an entire day!

The boys love Aunt Gina!!!!! And we are over the moon excited to have her back home and no more tours oversees!

Saturday and Sunday were filled with family swimming and between the sun and keeping up with our little ones we are beat!

Mini Cherry Pies. Click HERE to get this recipe.

Color Striped Festive Cupcakes with an AMAZING frosting! Click HERE to get the cupcake recipe. And click HERE to get the frosting recipe.

On Saturday we were at Joe's dad's home. My FIL fired up the pizza oven in the backyard and slaved away in the heat for us all while we chilled in the pool. He is always cooking up something unbelievably yummy!

Sunday we went to my parent's house and my dad grilled chicken and brawts while we stayed cool in the pool. My grandmother was able to spend the day with us and I love it that my boys get to know their great-grand parents!

Today Joe took the day off to hang with me and the boys around the house. Even though nothing is on the agenda today but housework today is going to be the day I enjoy the most. Just me and my three favorite people in the whole world spending time together!

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Brittany said...

Devin looks like such a big boy in that pic at Bruce's pool. Your baking stuff looks yummy!