Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

My mom took this picture moments after Corbin was born, the first time I held him...September 24, 2008. He will be ONE next Thursday... I will never forget the way I loved him instantly! I love you more everyday sweet baby boy!


HD said...

You look so pretty and peaceful holding your brand new baby boy. I always look like I've been lost in the forest for days on end after I have my children. Not a pretty sight. ;) Maybe if we do decide to have a number three, I should take some tips from you girls on how to look good after you have a baby!

Jessica said...

Oh Heather, you should see the pictures of me after having Devin...IT WAS BAD! I looked like I had a enormous rats nest on my head. This time I kept a brush next to the bed and made my mom brush my hair every few hours.

But thanks for the compliment! ;)