Sunday, September 27, 2009

For Shannon - Ratatouille Party Supplies

6 reserved cards, just need to be folded

coloring sheets

Remy print outs

restaurant print out

plastic tablecloth, unused 10x10
I tied ribbon to these and hung them from the chandelier

I painted the inside of these empty jars to look like pasta sauce, I used them on the food table.

I melted these candles down and used them on the food table, not lit!

I have 17 unused disposable and adjustable children chef hats.

The Gusteau sign is trimmed in yellow ribbon, 23x21

another pic

This is the paris skyline that I made, it turned out super cute!

This is a black piece of fabric that I wrote on with a white paint market to look like a menu chalkboard, I just taped it to the mirror.

I have these 3 bowls that are Italian themed and all the play food that went in them.

the pinboard is 20x30

Remy is 16 inches tall

Gusteau is 15 inches tall, I hung the Remy & Gusteau from candle sconces with thread

foam pizza is 12 inches in diameter

foam lasagna is 8 in long, 3 in tall & 4 in wide

The pasta is cut up yarn and the meatballs are painted foam balls on toothpicks. There are a dozen.

I have 3 of these "bouquets". I am not selling the baskets or the "cookbooks" in the center. Each piece is attached to a wooden dowel and is easily transplanted into a new "bouquet".

and this Gusteau is double sided and I hung him from a light fixture so he was floating over the kids. He is 12 in tall.

I also have some boxes of pasta that I used to decorate with that I got from the dollar store that I will throw in.

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