Monday, February 08, 2010

Front Door Decor

If you visit our home between now and Valentine's Day you will be greeted warmly by my latest craft project. I only needed canvas, a wooden dowel, ribbon and acrylic paint. It was a fun project! It didn't turn out exactly as I envisioned but Devin told me it was "awesome" so I figure it doesn't look that bad. ; )
I am still not feeling so great, dealing with sinus and allergy "gunk" is no fun! I have been doing breathing treatments once a day to keep it from settling in my lungs. I am even having to miss craft night tonight. : ( I have been out of the house ONCE since Tuesday of last week and I am gettin antsy! The one time I left the house was to go to IHOP on Saturday morning with Joe and the boys...Corbin was hilarious! He devoured his breakfast! So I leave you today with pictures of Saturday breakfast.

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