Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vaelntine's Day Fun

As a kid my mom ALWAYS made a production of Valentine's Day for us kids... Joe and I don't make a fuss of the day for ourselves but our boys are a different story! I love to throw a fuss over the boys and since they aren't in school to participate in any holiday parties I decided to throw a Valentine's Playdate for the boys.

I setup the front room for the kids to enjoy their goodies.

They all had "assigned" seating

Some of the decorations...

The snack table...all of the mom's brought goodies to share..

I made these cookies for the kiddos

Drink station...

Corbin, Natalie and Gianna didn't waste any time getting into the snacks!

Devin and Natalie talkin about something...looks important ; )
All the kids were in AWE of sweet baby Kinley!
Eden and Natalie
Devin and Corbin
Gianna and Gabriella

Corbin loves Eden!

My Valentines!!!!!
The kiddos, minus Natalie
(I think Devin ad Corbin have plenty of cutie pies around them!)

Thanks to all the girls for bringing the kids out today. Love you gals!


Brittany said...

Everything looks so cute! I hope you guys will make it out to ours today!

Kim said...