Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Corbin!

I am in awe of my little man! He is FUNNY, too smart for his own good, quit the dare devil, outgoing, super sweet, a good big brother to Westin, a pestering little brother to Devin, he is sssoooooo cute, ADORES his daddy, loves his mommy...he makes us so proud!

It seems unreal that he is already 2. I look at little Westin and think "this should be Corbin". I don't know how time goes by faster the older I get but I wish it would SLOW down!

Corbin's nicknames are "Frank the Tank" and "Godzilla"... He LOVES to destroy everything in his path, especially anything his brother is playing with! (I try not to laugh but really is hilarious to hear Corbin's giggles of delight as he tramples all over Devin's projects)

Corbin's actual birthday was this past Friday and since his party wasn't until the next day we decided to have a celebration after dinner with just the 5 of us at home.

(of course big brother had to put the birthday hat on too)

He loves Cookie Monster! He will randomly yell out "COOKIEEEEEE, NUM NUM NUM" and pretend like he is gobbling up a cookie. So....we picked up a cute Cookie Monster cake from Kroger.

He was so excited!

He had a little trouble blowing the candle out...

Big brother came to the rescue.

We decided to save his white Polo and take it off to eat the very BLUE cake!
The boys thought it was so funny that our mouths were blue.

Do you think he liked the cake?

He kept telling me "yucky hands"

My blue boys!

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