Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Outing - Pumpkin Patch

Joe took the afternoon off and we packed up the boys for a family outing. It feels like it's been forever since we spent the day out as a family! The boys were so excited and Devin was convinced that this was a Fall Festival so he was looking for the candy. He is such a goof!

Westin just woke up, I love his sleepy eyes!

The boys totally dig WALL-E!

Nemo! Corbin watches this at least twice a week.

Do you see the attitude in this picture?! I wonder who he gets that from....? : )


Devin is a total Toy Story fanatic!

I love all those big beautiful brown eyes!

This was a hoot! Devin was trying with all of his might to pull Corbin in the wagon...meanwhile, Corbin was screaming NO!

Devin and Corbin went in the kids only maze and it lasted about 2 minutes.
I wanted to take some cute pictures of Westin but it was so dusty and dirty I didn't want to take him out much.

My Little Pumpkin! Sooooo sweet!

I love watching Joe with the boys. I think it's hot that he is a good dad!

"No More Pictures Mom!"

I wanted so desperately to get a cute picture of them looking thru these openings....oh well, maybe next year.

I do not like this picture of me but I never get any pictures of mew with the kids, I am always behind the camera.

Then we had a few minutes of chase...

Westin is such a happy baby!

He can't get enough of those straps!

Doesn't that smile just melt your heart...

Time to go home for naps...

Devin made it about 10 minutes and he was OUT!
It is never easy getting out with three kids but it is definitely worth it! I never pass up an opportunity to make new memories with my family!


HD said...

i can't believe that devin will still take a nap. nice! wish my oldest did too. but nope, he gave them up and never looked back 2 months after he turned 3. it's been a hard road since;)

Brittany said...

Cuties! Wish we knew you were just down the road, we would have come up there and let the boys get wild together again! :)