Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Field Trip - Fire Station

This morning Devin's class took a field trip to a local fire station. Joe and I were able to work it out for me to leave Westin and Corbin at home with him so I was able to tag along with Devin's class. I was SO SUPER excited to go! (probably way more excited than Devin!) My mom was always involved with my school activities growing up and I loved it. It made me feel special. I can't wait to be a PTA & homeroom mom!!!!
The firefighters were all so sweet with the kids.
They gave the kids a tour of the station starting with the kitchen, which I didn't take a picture of...

The kids thought the TV room was awesome. What a nice place for the guys to relax and have some down time!

He showed the kids the "homework" room and schedule board.

Where they do the laundry...

The sleeping quarters...
And then the cool stuff!

The station had 4 trucks on site.

I was impressed with how crisp and clean everything was! They should start a side business cleaning houses! ; )

They got to look inside...

My cutie pie!

I love him so much!

They also got to climb inside the big truck.


Look at equipment and talk about fire safety.

Of course Devin had something to add to the conversation.

The kids got such a kick out of the pole!

He showed the kids how the pole/chute door works.
Devin tried his darnedest to get the chute door to open!

The "Boss" Car

Back outside...

They were shown the full gear.

And were given their own souvenir hats!

He appeased mommy and stood by the statue for a picture.

I am so thankful that Joe's job allows us the flexibility for me to be able and do these special things with the boys!

It was such a fun experience to watch Devin interact with his classmates. He has matured so much since the school year has started. I am a proud momma!!!!!

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