Sunday, October 10, 2010

For The Man I Love...

Yesterday I threw a backyard bash for Joe's 31st birthday. Joe begged asked me to keep the crafty party decor to a minimum. He knows how much
I love to plan a party, but he is a no frills kind of guy. We celebrated in the back yard and grilled burgers and hot dogs. It was a perfect evening, with perfect weather!

I wanted it to be casual, relaxed & goody filled evening.

I will find any excuse to make decorated sugar cookies!

And who doesn't love oatmeal raisin & candy cookies?!?!

Popcorn Anyone???

The grill area

The "manly" party area. I rented tables and chairs from a local party rental place, it was awesome to have them all delivered and picked up, I love efficient service!

I used battery powered tea lights all over the tables.

I love flowers and think every occasion calls for them!

Corbin played with the ice in the drink bucket all night. (I put yellow duct tape on the drink cans so everyone could write their names on them...but it didn't work so well once they were wet...)

Devin & Eden

Corbin, Rhett & Devin...Some good lookin boys! ; )

The kids played on the swing set ALL EVENING! These are some good kids! They all played so well together, it warms my heart to watch them play.

Rhett & Corbin ate a few cookies...

Westin had to go and take a nap, parties are hard work.

I love their giggles!!!!

Time to eat!

A picture to prove there was more than kids at the party. The kids are so much more fun to take pictures of! : )

Sweet Gabriella & Gianna

What, you don't think it is fun to throw popcorn on the ground?

Happy Birthday My Love!

PaPi's arms are so cuddly

We attempted to get a group picture of some of the kids.

You know how that goes...

The lights that we strung over the yard gave off the perfect amount of light.

Devin & Evan saying goodbye and were working out their handshake

Joe, I hope you enjoyed the party. You are a man that doesn't care for the spotlight and don't like people to make a fuss over you...but sometimes you deserve to be fussed over. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone and you make me feel more loved than I have ever felt. You are my soul mate! I thank God for you everyday. I love that I see you every time I look at our boys! I love that you put me and the boys before everything and everyone else. I love you're strength, you're integrity, you are a faithful friend and partner, you don't let your pride cloud your judgement, you are an amazing example for our children...I am so incredibly proud to call you my husband. Happy 31st Birthday Love!

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HD said...

Happy 31st "Joey"...hey, I couldn't resist. That's still how I think of him, as the 13-year-old (or younger) riding his bike with my little brother and playing by the creek making me a worried mess;)
jessica, everything looked adorable:) i love how you decorated the cake. so cute!