Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quality Time With Cookies & A Movie

My babies are growing up way too fast.

I was chatting with my mom last night, telling her how blessed I feel.

I have three beautiful, happy & healthy children.

My mom use to , jokingly, tell me that I was stingy with my kids because I hardly let anyone else watch them.

I just don't want to miss a second with them!

I want them to grow up KNOWING how much I love them.

And remembering that I made the effort and took the time to have special moments with them.

We only have one chance to be a good parent.

I learned of a couple that lost their newborn recently... I don't know them personally but my heart aches for them. We can't know God's plans for the future or even understand them... So I will celebrate the three amazing blessings that God has given us and be super stingy with them! ; )


HD said...

don't worry, my mom and dad accuse us of being that way too. but, just like you, i don't want to miss a sec with these babies of mine. i know one day will come, sooner than i want, where all of a sudden i'm a complete dork in their eyes, and they won't want to hang with me at all:(

Brittany said...