Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Our Fetus - Week 13

How your baby's growing: Your belly may be big enough to announce to the world that you're expecting, but your baby is still tiny. In fact, he/she is only about 3 inches long crown to rump roughly the size of a jumbo shrimp and weighs just about an ounce. Despite the small proportions, there's a fully formed baby inside your womb now. Much more proportional than it was a few weeks ago, his/her head is now only about a third the size of his/her body. His/Her tiny, unique fingerprints are already in place. His/Her kidneys and urinary tract are functional, and he/she is starting to urinate out the amniotic fluid he/she has been swallowing. As you start your second trimester, most of your baby's critical development will be completed, and your odds of miscarriage will drop considerably.

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