Monday, November 28, 2005

Back In The Swing

I am utterly disappointed that the holiday weekend is already over! The weekend was as busy as we expected but it was SO wonderful to spend quality time with our family!
Thanksgiving day at my Aunt DeAnn's was wonderful, lots of food and I hear that there was visiting but I fell asleep with the guys in the living room...I was so tired after my belly was full! That evening we went to Bruce & Mary's to visit and see Grandpa and Grandma Russo, they are such a hoot! It was a treat to get to see Mary's mom and brother also. Joe, Mary's brother, is so don't meet very many people that are genuinely so friendly!
Friday afternoon Joe hung Christmas lights on the house and oh what an ordeal that was! We didn't have a ladder tall enough to reach the peak of the house so Joe climbed up on the roof and made me a nervous wreck but the lights look beautiful! Thank you sweety! That night we had dinner with Bruce and Mary's families at Cozymels, there were a ton of us! Nick brought one of his roommates, Grandma and Grandpa Russo, Cheryl, Mary's sister and her husband and their five kids, Mary's mom, Mary's brother and of course me, Joe, Bruce and Mary. Mary's mom had brought Christmas gifts for Gina's, Mary's sister, kids. They were so cute opening all of their gifts!
Saturday my parents had planned to come out for dinner and my mom called and said she had been really sick the night before....but she ended up feeling a little better and she toughed through it so we could visit with them. We had dinner and played a game while Brady played the XBox. It was a pretty relaxing evening.
Sunday Joe and Nick moved the piece of furniture that Bruce had in his shed for our kitchen and it looks so good! When Joe and Nick came through the door it looked like they were both about to bust a vein, but they made it in with out incident. That afternoon we went out to Cheryl's house for dinner. Cheryl moved to Flower Mound a few months after Joe and I moved into our house, she has done a lot to her house and it looks great!
So that was our weekend and I am looking forward to this weekend to get some rest! We hope that you all had an enjoyable holiday!

Only 3 more days until we find out the sex of the baby!

ABOVE: Picture of the Russo family at dinner last Friday night

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