Monday, November 21, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy...

What a full weekend! Our Friday night dinner with the McDonalds and the Bohnes went great! Joe and I both really enjoyed visiting with them but I remembered why we don't normally make plans on Friday nights... By the time I got home from work it was about 6:50 and I had to pick up the kitchen and get the meatballs going before 7:15, I felt a little rushed.
Saturday morning I had a 9am beauty appointment for waxing and fills and then we were meeting Billy, Julie and Jackson at Chips on Cole before heading to the Arboretum. What a perfect day to be out side and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There were tons of brides having their bridal portraits done and couple taking engagement pictures! Julie asked me to take a few pics of her and Jackson and they turned out really cute...which reminds me that I need to send those to her! Once we were done at the Arboretum we said goodbye to the Vicics and headed over to Stephen and Amy's house for the potluck. Oh my word there was a lot of food! Nick even made Grandma Russos' cheesy potatoes and they were delicious! Joe and I got home pretty late and we crashed as soon as we got home!
Sunday Joe and I slept in to about 12:30, we were a little worn out from a busy Friday and Saturday. Joe pulled all of the Christmas decorations out of the attic for me and I spent the day pulling out things that we won't use for the house and setting up trees and decorating. The tree we bought last year was a lot smaller than I remember so Joe went out and bought a beautiful new tree for us. It is gigantic!
This week is going to be much busier than last so I really need to get some good sleep these next few nights so I won't be too exhausted for family! Thursday we will be with my family, Friday night we are going to dinner at Cozymels with Bruce and Mary, Saturday my parents are coming out to see us and Sunday we are going to Cheryl's to cook out. I am so glad that we went ahead and decorated the house yesterday so we aren't trying to fit it into our busy holiday weekend! (it might have cut into my after Thanksgiving sale shopping!)
Well I better get some work done today, chat with you later!
P.S.-10 more days until we find out the sex of the baby!

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