Wednesday, December 21, 2005

4 More Days

I can't even being to tell you all just how much I am looking forward to having a few days off of work! Yesterday was the roll out of the new project that everyone has been so freaked out about. Our boss had us all cancel our holiday PTO and wants us to "stay close" at lunch time just in case it gets busy and guess what...we heard from less than 10 members on it yesterday! I'm not saying that I want to be swamped but it better get a little busy if I canceled my PTO for this.
Last night I stopped at Target on my way home and the last minute madness shopping has begun. People were so rude and pushy, I went in to get some groceries for dinner but I ended up just leaving and asked Joe to pick up some dinner on his way home. I really feel for those who still have shopping to do!
Gina is suppose to come into town today and I really hope that we can make some extra time for her!
Have a lovely Wednesday!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah, what a bust the BIG rollout was, huh? I shouldn't even get started on that one.

Merry Christmas!!