Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Our was busy running here and there but we enjoyed it very much! Sunday morning I started getting sick and it has seemed to get worse every day. I am back at work today but definitely not feeling up to par, it was such a struggle to pull myself out of bed today. Joe was so wonderful yesterday! I had to stay home from work to get better and Joe stayed home and took care of me all day! He cleaned our bathroom, changed out the air filters, cooked, did dishes and comforted me! He is the most wonderful husband!
There has been a ton of activity with our little boy! I have been able to find him by pressing on my tummy and I get a kick out of him pushing back at me. On Sunday my mom and Aunt DeAnn were both prodding at him for a while and he decided to pay me back by sitting on my bladder for the rest of the evening. Only about 17 more weeks until he is here!
I am so thankful that I only have today, tomorrow and a half day on Friday! I have a ton of pics. of our family celebrations over the weekend and will have a few to post tomorrow. Have a great day!

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