Friday, December 16, 2005

Change of Name

Last night Joe and I went to dinner to celebrate Stephen's birthday and Bread Winners on McKinney and had a great time! The food was great and it is always nice to get together with friends! Happy Birthday Stephen! While we were at dinner we were talking about the baby and I had mentioned that I had wanted to name the baby something that started with a "J" so all of our names would start with "J". (I know what a big dork I am) Well...Jennifer, a friend of Stephen and Amy, said what about the name Jameson! I instantly loved it! Joe is mulling it over today so we will see if daddy-to-be approves of this.
So what do you all think? Devon Anthony or Jameson Anthony?


Xiadix said...

My brother his wife have the same initials. KAG. They decided to continue the trend and named their kids so that they all have the three same initials.


Nick Russo said...

I don't like the name Jameson. It doesn't sound like an italian boy's name. Why not name him Paulie, Cologero, Vincenzo, or even Nicholas...?

Michelle said...

I like that name Jameson, you can call him "James"! How about
Jackson,Jarrett or Jayden!
What ever you both decide will be perfect!

Andrea said...

I like Jameson better than Devon, but I am still not a fan:) But what I think doesn't matter:)! Ha!!

Jen said...

I like Devon better than Jameson....& you can't take Jayden 'cause I like that for my kid.

Jessica said...

naming you kid is a harder task than I thought it would be! how do you possibly pick the perfect name?