Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today Is The Day!

Today is the day that we find out the sex of the baby! I am so excited that I can barely sit still! When we did the ultrasound at the very beginning of the pregnancy our little baby looked like an alien shrimp and today we are going to see a whole body and all of the organs! It will be nice to be able to call the baby by name instead of refering to it as "it" or "the baby".
The appointment is a good distraction from the frustrations of the job right now. It feels like there is constant drama in the work place, it is worse than a bunch of teenage girls in here!
I am really excited about the jewelry party at my house this Sat. morning. It is just going to be a few girlfriends nothing to overwhealming. Not sure what is going on for Saturday night we were invited to go out for Joe's friends birthday but I think that Joe was planning an evening out for us...who knows. I will just let Joe decide.
I'm not sure if I will have the sex of the baby posted tomorrow, I guess it will just depend if we have gotten to tell all of our family this evening.


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    Jennifer said...

    I cannot wait until you get into the office this morning! I'm dying to know!!!