Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Countdown

So...Friday is the beginning of week 37 and the realization of it all is hitting me hard. I have been more than a little anxious about getting everything prepared before Devin arrives...I have this fear that he is going to come early and I won't have time to finish everything. We are going to order his dresser at the end of the week so we should have it the week before Easter, I have all of his clothes washed and hung/folded, his bassinet is setup in our room, I packed my bag for the hospital last night and we are going to put the car seat in my car this week... I know that we have much more to do but I think we have the big stuff taken care of. This morning on my way to work my fuel light came on and this panic went all over me of "What if I go into labor and we have to stop and get gas". Now I know that we would more than likely have time to stop and get gas without the baby being born on the way to the hospital...but I feel like I need to be so prepared that it makes me a little crazy at times. Joe has been so wonderful and try to act like my ranting and raving about all of this is fine...I just want us to be good parents...
This weekend Amy is putting on a shower for my girlfriends and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. Joe decided that he would rather not participate with "the girls" and instead go golfing with his dad while we occupy the house. I'm sure they will have a good time! This weekend is the annual ladies shopping trip with my parents church and I am SO disappointed that I am too pregnant and swollen to go! Oh well...maybe next year I can go and spend some money.

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