Friday, March 31, 2006

Devin Is A Big Boy!

Yesterday's doctor appointment went well... Weight was good, blood pressure good, Devin's heartbeat was 140... Unfortunately I was not dilated but I guess he will come when he is ready. My uterus is measuring 39.5 weeks and I am only 36 so she went ahead and scheduled me to come in for a sonogram today. The sonogram went well; he weighs about 7.5 pounds ALREADY and he is measuring at 37 weeks. Dr. Tricia will go over the results at my appointment next Wed., I just hope he will come soon! Devin was super active during the sonogram! He was moving all around and sucking his thumb like a mad man and kept trying to get his feet in his mouth. It was neat to see him in action and yes we got to verify for the third time that he is definitely a boy! The sonogram tech gave us a print out of Devin from the side sucking his thumb and it is too cute! I will make sure to get that posted by the next update.
Last night I stopped at Babies R Us and got a bunch of organizers for his closet and his room looks so much better, tonight Joe and I are going to order his dresser and then it will be complete!
More baby updates next week, until then have a great weekend!

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Tammie said...

Yay!! You're so close!!

You should be getting a delivery from Babies R Us, from me & John if you haven't already. :)

Let me know if you don't get it by Sat.