Tuesday, September 09, 2008

When Will He Arrive...?

Not much to report... We are hoping that Corbin will wait to make his grand entrance for at least another week. Friday I had an OB appointment and I am dilated to a "Very Good 1" and am 50% effaced. The doc says that it is doubtful that I will even make it to my scheduled induction date. She also said that this is pretty advanced for my due date. We had Jeremy & Brittany over for dinner on Saturday evening and I experienced pretty severe and consistent contractions all night. It gave me a good enough scare that I have bags packed for the hospital and Corbin's car seat is in the car. I am excited for him to be here, and ready to have him out of my body, but he needs all the time he can get in there. I am pretty uncomfortable and exhausted most of the time and I am so thankful that Devin is such a good independent player.

Speaking of Devin and playing...he has a new fun game for Joe and I...Magnadoodle Pictionary... He LOVES LOVES LOVES to bring his magnadoodle to Joe or I and tells us "Color", this means to draw and picture and let him guess what it is. (a car, monkey, WALL-E, etc) He is surprisingly really good at guessing what mommy and daddy's bad art is. It is really cute how much he loves this and will want us to do it for hours.... ; )

We are dog sitting this week for my parents, they are on a cruise, and Devin is totally excited about having the dog. Devin is freakishly in love with any dog! "PUPPY! PUPPY!" He has recently developed a skin allergy to dogs and he gets so mad when we won't let him touch dogs. (if he rubs against a dog he breaks out in a nasty rash) It is so sad...

That's it for today. I have another OB appointment this Wed. I will try to keep everyone updated on the status of Corbin's arrival.

Here is a pic of Joe and I from the baby shower a few weeks ago, you can see that the swelling has begun. That is the last day I was able to wear my wedding ring. : (

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