Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally Some Easter

With all the activity last week I forgot to post any pictures of the boys at Easter. We had a long day...we went to the earlier service at church, came home and let the boys rest while I cooked and then we were off to my parent's home for Easter lunch. It's really nice that so much of my mom's family is near us, I wish more of Joe's extended family was here... We had a great lunch and great conversation and then it was time to hunt for eggs. Our boys are the only children but that didn't keep the number of eggs we put out down... As usual I got carried away with the camera and when you have kids as cute as we do ; ) you can't help but share more than a few. Enjoy!

Devin and his great-grandpa playing trains (actually Devin just wanted grandpa to watch)

This is my Uncle Don and his very sweet girlfriend Gloria. We still don't know what she sees in him... ; ) You know we love ya!

My mom's twin, Aunt DeAnn, with Corbin

My sister, Jennifer, and her husband Christopher...they are still newlyweds...so cute!

My daddy...I A-D-O-R-E this man!

My brother Brady, my sexy husband and Corbin. Look at that sweet smile on Corbin's face!!

I told you we put out a ton of eggs...

D getting anxious to hunt some eggs
Out the door...

Look at how good lookin my husband is!!!!! YUMMY!

Can you tell how excited D was?!?

SO SWEET! I love those chubby little arms!

Devin's paparazzi
Jenn and I took a picture of each other...yes, we know we are dorks

Pure joy! This might just be one of my favorite pictures ever!

GG & C

Every now and then he would take a break to open an egg

He was "helping" brother get eggs in his basket
This is D's signature pose. He taps his foot and says "Hmmmm...I thinkin"


D givin great-grandma kisses

C givin great-grandma kisses


D hiding behind great-grandpa



HD said...

i am lovin' their easter outfits! way cute!

Brittany said...

I saw Corbin's outfit at Nordstrom the other day and wanted to get it for Rhett so bad. They only had it in 3,6,9 months:(. He looks precious and so does Devin. Did you or Bruce buy them those? haha!